Meet the Furby Family!!

Name: Berry Pop Tart
Type: clown baby
Status: working
Name: Am PePe
Type: special tropical
Status: nonworking
My dream furby and the crown jewel of my collection ♡
Name: Sprinkle Cake Pop
Type: confetti baby
Status: working
Name: Pinguino cake
Type: special graduation
Status: nonworking (battery leakage)
Name: Mash Potato
Type: custom elephant
Status: working (but sleepy)

The Little Guys

Name: Chicken Noodle Soup
Type: Furby Buddy
Names: Seafoam Saguaro and Mustard Grape
Type: McDonald's happy meal
Name: Garbanzo Bean
Type: peacock furbling
Names: Checkers, Magenta Las Vegas, and Cold Ketchup Chip
Type: Burger King happy meal
Name: Crusty Sal
Type: McDonald's happy meal
Name: Hot Cheeto Mustard
Type: McDonald's happy meal
my friend gave me him!!