hooray! new entry! im making a new one sooner then I thought I would. that doesnt mean I have that much to write about though.. I was just a bit bored.

a couple weekends ago, I went to round1 for a bit. I was so surprised they had the PinocchioP aimaina claw machine plushies?! I tried so so so hard to win one but they were all stuck in the corner or too close to the glass to reach.. I was so disappointed but it's exciting to see vocaloid merch, especially something as specific as a producer's mascot, come to an arcade in the US!

I reread my favorite books ever, the underland chronicles by suzanne collins, recently. with the release of the newest hunger games movie I feel like now is my chance to talk about her other (much less popular) series! Ive been a massive fan of them for a very, very long time. throughout elementary and middle school, they were all I read, over and over, and they really still hold up. I don't know why they're so unknown (especially compared to the hunger games!) but if I had to guess it's because they're marketed to a younger age group, but I promise theyre still a very fun and interesting read! please look into the underland chronicles and read them!!!!!!!!

I dont have anything else to say.. sorry this entry was so short and mostly just me ranting! I dont want to say anything else because I made a promise to myself to keep this journal positive and fun. have a good day :]

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