hi again! winter break is over and its the new year. i visited my grandparents in california during my break. i was super sick the entire time and could barely do anything :[ but i did visit a safari park and spend a lot of time with my little cousin. one great thing happened - at a hallmark store there were these little blind bags with retro keychains, and there was a furby one ♥ i tried my luck and got the furby, wonderful day

if you couldn't tell by the theme, ive been playing a lot of muse dash lately. its a lot of fun! im a sucker for a fun simple rhythm game, especially one with great art and music. like a lot of people i started playing when the miku dlc was added. miku, along with 10 great songs, are playable. i bought it as soon as i saw the little healing heart in unknown mother goose is the wowaka heart! such a cool detail.

even if its fun and addicting muse dash is far from a perfect game. its filled with fanservice and some of the characters (namely buro) are implied to be very young, even taking into account the art style changes that come from having a ton of artists on your game. one of the loading splash texts is literally "how old are the girls? youre asking too many questions!". stuff like this has made it for me to enjoy the game in the past.. if youre willing to put up with nasty things its a fun game but its so offputting!

anyways, hope this entry was fine. i havent done a real update in a while but i may completely redo my furby collection page soon... stay tuned!

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