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Music is a pretty huge part of my life... this page is just for me to display whatever I'm listening to. If you couldn't tell already, I love vocal synths (especially Vocaloid and Utauloid). I also really like the utaite/vocaP Eve, I have since my early years of middle school. Expect to see a lot of Eve stuff here.

favorite artists


listen here

Niru Kajitsu

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Graham Kartna

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Some songs I like

A collection of some of my all-time favorite songs (mostly vsynth) from over the years! My top favorites ever aren't displayed here - they're on the right :]

Wowaka - Unknown Mother Goose

Inabakumori x Neru - Roleless Weapon

Katachi - Self Proclaimed Angel

MikitoP - Shoujo Rei

Wachi and U1000 - Live Proof

Nilfruits - Night Rule

Nilfruits - Haruni

NextP - Mirai Graph

Eve - Yuseiboshi

Peperon-P - Satellite

favorite songs

Oough I love these songs very very much

Eve - Tokyo Ghetto

Eve - Sister

Eve - Raison Detre

NoriP - Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder